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Andy collaborates and supports various creative and arts based
organisations, academic and education organisations, charity and NGO's.
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Coral Communities Project 
Andy Hughes traveled to Mauritius to work with TAGSCAPE and Plymouth Marine Lab on the project Coral Communities. Within the project, a team of interdisciplinary researchers drew on expertise in environmental and health economics, social sciences, development, social psychology, marine geosciences, marine biology, art (including concept and design development and film making) and religious studies.


Dopper Changemaker
Andy was one of four judges for the 2019 Dopper Change Maker Challenge. Innovative projects can change the world. Crystal clear water, in every ocean, from every tap. That’s Dopper’s goal. The Dopper Changemaker Challenge was an opportunity for students across the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany and Nepal to change the world with their research related to polluted water and plastic waste with the potential to win grants of up to £5,000, bespoke mentoring, and sector networks, helping them bring their innovative solution to life.

Dopper website


Society and Sea Conference

Andy supported Ecogeographer and Plymouth Marine Lab to install and document a series of workshops and a pop-up exhibition at the Greenwich Maritime Centre during second international conference on the theme ‘Society and the Sea’, September 2018.

“News stories about the ocean and the coasts regularly make the headlines yet paradoxically there are also concerns that sea-blindness is a problem and people are not aware of the fundamental importance of the ocean. The aim of the GMC is to engage multiple stakeholders in an exploration of the value of the ocean and how that can be recognised, communicated and harnessed to contribute to the health, wealth and wellbeing of society. This requires using perspectives and developing partnerships across academia and industry and engaging in creative conversation about the ocean, coasts and their values for sustainable development”. 


Ruritage Project | Turin, Italy 2018 & 2019

Andy has worked in a cooperative role supporting a new visual method developed by Ecogeographer and Plymouth University. The RURITAGE project turns rural areas into laboratories to demonstrate Cultural and Natural Heritage as an engine of regeneration. Looking across the world, rural communities tell us the story of a thousand of years long collaboration between nature and human society. In a time of constant new challenges, rural communities must grapple matters beyond protection, but grasp the opportunities – and understand the potential – springing from their diverse and dynamic heritage.



During a recent conversation artists, Ben Cook & Andy Hughes discovered they both had been making work which included the form of a Gannet. On a sunny day in October 2018, they both met at Praa Sands on the Cornish coast and conversed some more whilst installing and creating new artworks.