In 1989 whilst on a surf trip in Wales hughes noticed a kind of plastic rock, much like a small pebble but waxy in texture. He took this back to London and made a series of photographs which were shown at his MA graduation show at the Gulbenkien Gallery at the Royal College of Art in 1991 (Beach Still Life 1 and 2). In a recent interveiw with Carve magazine he talks about those forays from the sea to land and how those experiences inform his current practice.

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Title: Plastiglomerate/Virtual Sea Study 2015

In 1990 Andy Hughes discovered an unusual material, it felt and looked like ‘plastic rock’. These forms were integrated in a number of his early photographic works. They formed part of his graduating exhibition in 1991 at the RCA, Gulbenkian Gallery, London. Recently he has re-developed a number of works using this material. Work from 1990 is displayed here alongside newer works, each its titled and dated.

A claim to the discovery of something new, something undiscovered can be made only as a formal requirement regarding the language in which the proposition itself is expressed. Is it not a paradox that the material we have come to ‘know’ recently as Plastiglomerate as described on Wikipedia may have surfaced much earlier? 

C-Type LightJet Print 30 x 40 Inches

Title: Beach still-life 1, with Plastiglomerate, 1990. Media: Original 5x4 Transparency film.

Transparency copy of art work, orginal work N/A. 

Title: Beach still-life 2, 1990. Media: Original 5x4 Transparency Transparency copy of art work. Orginal work N/A. 

Title: Plastiglomerate/Virtual Sea Study 2015

Title: Plastiglomerate/Virtual Sea Study 2015

Further work from this project will be online in 2020 

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