Andy Hughes and Dominica Williamson traveled to London from Cornwall by train (with an exhibition and workshop in a suitcase) to participate in this conference as part of the #CoralCommunities team. Dr. Caroline Hattam, the Project Investigator from Plymouth Marine Laboratory, presented a paper on the project.

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The Greenwich Maritime Centre (GMC) held its second international conference on the theme ‘Society and the Sea’, September 2018.

“News stories about the ocean and the coasts regularly make the headlines yet paradoxically there are also concerns that sea-blindness is a problem and people are not aware of the fundamental importance of the ocean. The aim of the GMC is to engage multiple stakeholders in an exploration of the value of the ocean and how that can be recognised, communicated and harnessed to contribute to the health, wealth and wellbeing of society. This requires using perspectives and developing partnerships across academia and industry and engaging in creative conversation about the ocean, coasts and their values for sustainable development”.

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