In this full-length film, National Geographic journeys along the remote Alaskan coast with an international team of artists and scientists... in search of garbage. Artists Andy Hughes, Pam Longobardi and Mark Dion investigate the buildup of marine debris along the remote Alaskan coast. The world shrinks as we all become connected through our litter, yet somehow we are still severed from the problem we’ve created, killing the life that depends on the sea. Now, in one of the most breathtaking places on the planet, a unique scientific expedition brings the problem into perspective. 

A flip-flop discarded in Thailand finds its way to Hawaii, and a bottle cast off from a tsunami in Japan becomes Alaska’s beach litter. In a culture dependent upon the modern convenience of plastic, throwaway products of consumption are affecting oceans and shrinking our world as we all become connected through our trash..


Gyre: The Plastic Ocean | Edited by Julie Decker
Pubished by Booth-Clibborn Editions

Lavishly illustrated with informational graphics, paintings, sculptures, drawings and photography, this 212-page book accompanies the Gyre exhibition. Twelve essays by scientists, artists, writers and others explore the ways in which we are all connected — both by trash and by the sea, and through our individual actions. Gyre: The Plastic Ocean looks at human consumption, modern materials and environmental change and their impacts upon one of the largest, most mysterious and critical components of our planet: the ocean. This book includes the history of plastic, startling facts, trash breakdown rates and things you can do to support trash-free seas.

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