Andy Hughes photographic work explores the littoral zone and the politics of waste. He is one of the first artist photographers who explored plastic as metaphor, subject and pollutant. Whilst at Art School, he learned to surf and was concerned about the increasing levels of human sewage and plastic he observed in the sea.
In 1995 he began a 10 year project which culminated in his book Dominant Wave Theory (pub 2006) the book includes essays by leading commentators and scientists, designed by David Carson & published by Booth-Clibborn Editions, London & Abrams, New York.
In 2013 he travelled to Alaska as invited artist with international team to work on the project GYRE: The Plastic Ocean. He was the first Artist in Residence at Tate Gallery St. Ives and short-listed reserve artist for the Arts Council England Antarctic Fellowship. He has supported many non-profit and NGOs such as Surfers Against Sewage, RAWFoundationUK, The Marine Conservation Society and the Surfrider Foundation. In the autumn 2015 he will help to support, co-curate and exhibit work in Lima, Peru. He lives and works in Cornwall, England.